The perfect evening activity to accompany a perfect autumnal day: dreaming as Honey.Moon.Tree brings their listeners to the bottom of the ocean and back to the surface again, but changed somehow. SF Examiner 2010

. . . make the songs from far off lands, complete with ancient world superimposition over electronic and auxiliary percussion and singing that are sometimes performed and recorded. I Heart SF Bands

. . . the band sounds like Califone covering Simon & Garfunkel -- i.e., spooky Americana with pretty harmonies, desultory guitars, and some skittery minimalist techno beats. Noise Pop 2008

. . . The first song (Goodbye Oakland) starts out dreamy. It’s like an unencumbered Beatles track opening. Toss in a casual folk harmonization and you sort of have it. The track has no lyrics in the minute that it plays. I love where it’s going and wish I could hear the rest. Walnotes 2007