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Friday, December 18 at 9:00 pm

MASZER et al Friday Dec. 18 9 pm

Jojo has survived another year of sunglasses and we're getting together to celebrate with his drumness by our old stomping ground on the coolest block of Eastlake. Be ready to rage!
Performances by:
Maszer, Ten Miles Wide, Foxy Lemon and Honey.Moon.Tree

LoFi Performance Gallery
429 Eastlake Ave E # B, Seattle, Washington 98109

9:00 PM to 12:00 PM
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honey.moon.tree CD is here

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Reviews for Honey.Moon.Tree
Aslan is incredible!
What a hard work of spirit, what a soul, what a talent!
It's a big candlelight in the dark on this planet.
Thank you so much for sharing his music with me.
It's absolutely beautiful and very thought provoking.|
Please thank Aslan for being himself and being such a gift to the planet!

Overton Berry

Thank you for sending Aslan's CD. It's amazing! If Django Reinhardt, Ben Folds and David Byrne had a child, he would create this music. So original. The arrangements, vocals, strings, compositions are all completely realized and executed perfectly.
George Nunes
General Manager
Show Dog Nashville

É deveras admirável, excelso, formidável, inaudito, magnífico, nobre, superior e, acima de tudo, transcendente.... o que poderão ouvir a seguir!
A sublime originalidade de cariz intemporal apresentada neste álbum, para além de atingir de imediato o âmago do ouvinte, atinge aqui o mais elevado grau de beleza e perfeição, na hora da sua execução!
Assim sendo, hoje, oriundo da cidade de Seatle, trazemos até Vós este surpreendente trabalho homónimo intitulado honey.moon.tree!
O mentor desta surpreendente obra prima é o cantautor e multi-instrumentista Aslan Rife... que para o efeito se faz acompanhar de doze extraordinários músicos, seus amigos!
Ora escuitttaaa!!!
Nota: 5*****
honey.moon.tree by honey.moon.tree...

It is very admirable, exalted, terrific, unbelievable, magnificent, Noble, higher and, above all, transcendent.... What they will listen to follow!
The sublime originality of nature timeless presented in this album, in addition to achieve immediately to the core of the listener, here is the highest level of beauty and perfection, at the time of its implementation!
So, today, come from the city of Category: Seattle, Washington, we bring to you this amazing work namesake titled honey. Moon. Tree!
The mentor of this amazing masterpiece is the cantautore and multi-instrumentalist aslan rife... To the effect that if it is accompanied by twelve extraordinary musicians, your friends!
Now Escuitttaaa!!!
Note: 5 *****
honey.moon.tree by honey.moon.tree...

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honey.moon.tree CD release poster 2014